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List the rice cDNA microarray data by projects and experiment information.

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The cDNA libraries were derived from rice pistil and green/etiolated seedling. 

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Welcome to the Rice Functional Genomics Program of China cDNA microarray database (RIFGP-CDMD) homepage! As part of the RIFGP efforts, we constructed a cDNA microarray containing about 10,000 unique rice genes. The data presented here consist of complete datasets, including the probe sequences, microarray images, raw data, and experiment description. 

Currently, four projects are outlined. Three projects were done by Xue Yongbiao as PI: development stage, mutant vs. wild-type plants, and stress treatments and one by Chong Kang as PI for hormone treatment. The following people were involved in these experiments: Lan Lefu, Lai Ying, Chen Wei, Li Meina, Kong Zhaosheng, Wang Zheng, Zhang Yansheng, Zhang Xiansheng, Han Bin and others.

The data were collected by Lan Lefu and organized by Xu Wenying. The experimental Web-based resource was designed and developed by Su Zhen and Xu Wenying.

This is the first version of the database. We look forward to your feedback. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

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